Fitting to Outcome eXpert (FOX)

Fitting FOX is the first fitting assistant that helps the audiologist in programming cochlear implants. FOX is outcome driven and expert based. Several advises are available coming from different experts, aiming at major cochlear implants and improving different outcomes. FOX improves the outcome instantaneously and enhances the safety of programming while reducing the programming time substantially. FOX can read and write directly to most fitting software of the cochlear implant companies.

As an Intelligent Agent, it helps you to measure outcome, interprets the obtained test results and generates recommendations to modify the MAP. FOX uses set targets and drives you there.  Current targets are psycho-acoustic test results, but FOX can handle many more.

Fox Overview



It has been documented* that FOX achieves 71% of the set targets after fully automatic switch-on, and an unprecedented 85% on target or 90% near to target after several iterations.

*Courtesy of The Eargroup, Antwerp (unpublished results)


Support: IWT Baekeland grant 090287 (Flemish Institute for Innovation through Science and Technology)

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly
  • Client/Server application
  • Graphical and numerical interface
  • Seamless connectivity with SoundWave tables
  • Direct execution of A§E tests
  • Outcomes are entered manually or imported directly from A§E or Audiqueen ( audiograms, speech audiograms, A§E phoneme discrimination and A§E loudness increase)
  • New patients are created by import from the fitting software
  • FOX also gives additional messages and suggests which audiological tests to perform after the advice
  • FOX creates a number of successive start-up MAPs allowing a substantial reduction in programming time during the first months after switch-on
  • Experts can build their own advice without specific programming skills. Advises can be made available to the FOX® community worldwide
Fox Bibliography Govaerts on Fox (2012)