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Otoconsult is coordinating the OPTI-FOX consortium in the EU 7th Framework Programme.

OPTImization of the automated Fitting to Outcomes eXpert with language-independent hearing-in-noise test battery and electro-acoustical test box for cochlear implant users
Start Date: 1/11/2010
End Date: 31/10/2012

Project Budget: € 1.746.895
EU Reimbursement: € 1.274.931

The Eargroup and Otoconsult have been pioneers in drastically changing the fitting of cochlear implants. For that purpose they have developed and introduced psycho-acoustical tests (A§E 2009) […]

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International Debate: “Fitting for Performance”

An international debate will be organized with no more than 100 participants to discuss the art of CI-fitting. The current state of the art will be critically reviewed with a focus on improving measurable performance. Experts from the four CI-companies will revisit the functions between the electrical events and the MAP-parameters that can be adjusted by the programmer. Clinical experts […]

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Fish Ears app available in Google Play store

The term fish ear is a non-scientific term referring to the phase-locking hair cells in your inner ear system. These hair cells can be found in the vestibulum and as inner hair cells in the cochlea. They are responsible for the coding of the low frequency fine structure of mechanical waves. This is in contrast […]

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Otoconsult is coordinating the DUAL-PRO consortium in the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Dual electric-acoustic speech processor with linguistic assessment tools for deaf individuals with residual low frequency hearing

Start Date: 1/7/2008
End Date: 1/7/2010

Project Budget: 1,2 million euros
EU Reimbursement: 0,9 million euros

The main objectives of the proposed project: (i) to optimise deaf patients’ hearing experience by developing a new hearing device which combines both types of stimulation in the […]

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