Advanced hearing evaluation in the daily clinic

A§E is no longer available as a separate application. It is fully integrated into Audiqueen§, our premium data manager for ENT specialists and audiologists.

Testing the cochlea


Spectral Discrimination

Speech sounds have been engineered to focus on spectral cues. They are the language independent stimuli for the A§E Detection, Discrimination and Identification tasks. Feasible from 10 months of age onwards!

Intensity Coding

Narrow band noises centered at 250, 1000 or 4000 Hz are presented at random intensities in a typical loudness scaling task.


Temporal Fine Structure

The coding of TFS is assessed through a number of intonating stimuli in discrimination and identification tasks. The adaptive procedure yields the just noticeable difference.

Speech Audiometry

Fully digital, superfast speech audiometry.  Upload your own speech lists in any language.  Pre recorded lists available in Arabic, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Hebrew, Indian, Italian, Portuguese and other languages.

Binaural Integration

The Localization test assesses the localization capacity, which requires central processing of interaural level differences (ILD’s). Only 2 loudspeakers required.