The missing link

Audiqueen links the Electronic Medical Record to your specific ENT equipment. Both in your private practice and in the hospital, Audiqueen connects to your audiometer and tympanometer, endoscope, evoked potentials, rhino(mano)meter, and many more.

Amazingly fast and easy

You won’t believe how easy test results are collected from your measurement instruments. Multiple results can be plotted on top of each other for swift and easy comparison. Transfer results in the format of your choice to Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, etc.

Seamless integration

Audiqueen is complementary to the general Hospital Information System (HIS). Audiqueen’s integration interfaces ensure that the end user does not have the experience of working with two separate programs (Audiqueen and the HIS)

Disclaimer: Audiqueen is intended to be used by healthcare professionals to manage test results as well as other relevant patient data in the ENT practice.
Audiqueen can be used in combination with certified audiometers for audiometric testing to assess hearing in patients attending the ENT or Audiological clinic.
It is CE certified as class I active medical device for use in the European Union. It is not certified for use outside the European Union.

Time has come to go paperless

People working with Audiqueen
  • Open Audiqueen with a button in your Electronic Patient Record
  • Extract all ENT-specific results swiftly from your measurement instruments.
  • Access your patients’ data during surgery, in the emergency room, on your ward round, etc.
  • View all ENT results in splendid graphs, pictures, documents
  • Plot multiple results on the same graph for easy comparison or follow-up
  • Print results and certificates, copy them to the clipboard, export and email them to your colleagues
  • Add keywords, events, manage hearing aids
  • Customize procedures, indexes and lay-outs to your liking

Inspired by our customers

All your measurement results in one place

Tone Audiometry

All routine audiometrical data can be entered and are displayed according to international standards. Data are entered either manually or through a direct connection with your audiometer. Different audiograms can be selected to be shown together on the same audiometric chart.


Speech Audiometry

Audiqueen can handle all kinds of speech tests with words or sentences, in quiet or in noise, with phoneme score or word score, with or without confidence intervals. It uses the same symbol set as in audiometry with separate symbols for left/right, for different conduction types, etc.


Impedance Measurements

Impedance measurements are done with a tympanometer or middle ear analyzer. Data are entered into Audiqueen through a direct connection with your middle ear analyzer. If your device is not supported, you can always print and scan the test result and enter the scanned file.



Audiqueen features support for Rhinomanometry and Acoustic Rhinometry. Measurements are collected in digital format and stored in the Audiqueen database. Summary parameters like Surface and Volume are available for analysis.


OAE, ABR, ENG, etc.

Many other exams are stored by means of the automated document import function. This allows you to retrieve any file (e.g. a doc or pdf file) produced by your measurement instrument software that contains the report and/or the test results of the technical examination.

More on
Otoacoustic Emissions
Evoked Potentials
Vestibular Testing

A§E Psychoacoustics

The Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (A§E®) is an extensive psycho-acoustic test suite with supraliminal auditory tests to assess the coding of intensity, spectral and temporal content of sound. Audiqueen can read and show all A§E® results.

More on
A§E Loudness Scaling
A§E Phoneme Detection
A§E Phoneme Discrimination
A§E Phoneme Identification
A§E Localization
A§E Intonation

Images, movies, sound…

Audiqueen can store all your images, movies, sound, etc. They are entered by uploading the files (jpeg, mpeg, etc.) or they can be captured directly from the recording device, like the endoscope.

Documents & hand drawings

Audiqueen can handle all kinds of documents, either from scratch, or based on templates, or as retrieved from peripheral devices like scanners etc.

More on

Connectivity with numerous ENT instruments


  • Interacoustics AA222/h
  • Interacoustics AC40
  • Interacoustics AD226
  • Interacoustics AD528
  • Interacoustics AD629
  • Interacoustics Affinity
  • Interacoustics Affinity Compact
  • Interacoustics Equinox
  • Interacoustics AS608/AS608e
  • Interacoustics Callisto


  • Inventis Bell
  • Inventis Harp
  • Inventis Piano
  • Otometrics AURICAL Astera2
  • Otometrics AURICAL Aud
  • Otometrics AURICAL FreeFit
  • Otometrics MADSEN A450
  • Otometrics MADSEN Orbiter 922


  • Acousticon ACAM 5 *
  • Auditdata Primus *
  • Grason-Städler GSI 10 / 16 / 61 *
  • Grason-Städler GSI Arrow *
  • Grason-Städler GSI Tympstar *
  • Inmedico Oscilla SM series *
  • Inmedico Oscilla USB series *
  • Siemens Unity 2 *
  • Siemens Unity SD1000, SD110, SD120 *
* Devices require a NOAH 4 WSI license

Middle Ear Analyzers

  • Grason-Stadler GSI 33
  • Grason-Stadler GSI TympStar
  • Grason-Städler GSI Tympstar Pro
  • Interacoustics Titan
  • Interacoustics AT235/AT235h
  • Interacoustics AA222
  • Interacoustics MT10
  • Otometrics MADSEN Zodiac 901
  • Otometrics MADSEN Zodiac
  • Otometrics OTOFlex 100


  • GM Instruments NR6
  • GM Instruments A1 Acoust. Rhinometer
  • DIFRA Rhinoceros


  • All endoscopes with video output


  • DIFRA NysStar II
  • DIFRA Veritest II


Is your device not in these lists? Don’t worry… Audiqueen connects to the software of your measurement device and automatically retrieves and stores a report of your measurements.

A§E Integration

A§E has been completely integrated into Audiqueen. A§E allows to perform may audiological tests, such as audiometry, speech audiometry and many other tests.  A§E also interfaces with many external measuring devices, such as audiometers, SoundC, Otocube, etc.

  • New A§E user interface: the user interface has been thoroughly redone. It is much more user friendly and consistent across the different A§E tests.
  • Speech audiometry thoroughly refurbished: A§E now also comes with sentence tests, different noise types, and adaptive scoring algorithm, etc.
  • Coala Link: this is a powerful cable link, developed in collaboration with Cochlear Ltd, allowing calibrated presentation of stimuli directly from your PC to the CP910 speech processor. The Coala Link makes audiometric booths and audiometers obsolete for the assessment foci recipients.
  • SoundC: this is a hardware set up with an external 8-channel soundcard and up to 8 loudspeakers for an azimuth localization test or to present speech and noise from different speakers, which opens a new world for speech testing.
  • A§E self-tests: all A§E tests, except speech audiometry, can now be performed as self-test, by the patient on his own, without the presence of an audiologist required.
  • Azimuth localization: a new localization test has been added to run on SoundC for the assessment of azimuth localization capacity.

Seamless integration in your hospital network

Audiqueen is complementary to the general Hospital Information System (HIS).  It can easily be integrated into any existing information system using one or several of the available integration options. The context integration ensures that the end user does not have the experience of working with two separate programs (Audiqueen and the HIS), instead the daily workflow is seamlessly integrated for maximum efficiency.


Audiqueen Analytics is a powerful module to query patients and extract test results based on several criteria and to export them to Excel.

  • Query patients and results based on several criteria: data source, subject (gender, age, (surgical) events undergone, keywords, hearing device…), test result (type, date..), result details
  • Preview the subjects and results
  • Export some of all the results to Excel

See our Solution Centre for more details…

Analytics Filter

Analytics Main

All features in a nutshell

Audiometry Numerical storage and visualization of Tone Audiometry results
Impedance Numerical storage and visualization of Impedance results (Tympanometry  & Reflexes)
Speech Audiometry Numerical storage and visualization of Speech Audiometry results
Speech In Noise Numerical storage and visualization of Speech Audiometry In Noise results
Rhinomanometry Numerical or report storage and visualization of Rhinomanometry results
Rhinometry Numerical or report storage and visualization of Acoustic Rhinometry results
OAE Report storage and visualization of Otoacoustic Emissions
ABR Report storage and visualization of Auditory Brainstem Responses
Nystagmography Report storage of ENG and VNG results
Caloric Reflex Report storage of Caloric Reflex Test results
Voice Recording Audio storage and playback of Voice Recordings
Endoscopy Media storage and visualization of images and video from video scopes and camera’s
Tinnitus Numerical storage and visualization of Tinnitus frequency and level on audiograms
Tuning Fork Numerical storage and visualization of Rinne and Weber results
Detection Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Phoneme Detection results
Discrimination Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Phoneme Discrimination results
Identification Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Phoneme Identification results
Loudness Scaling Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Loudness Scaling results
ILD Localization Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Localization results
Azimuth Localization Numerical storage and visualization of A§E Azimuth results
Just Noticeable Difference Numerical storage and visualization of A§E JND results
Custom Tests Create custom test types
Connect Audiometer Retrieve Numeric Audiometry data from an audiometer
Connect Speech Audiometer Retrieve Numeric Speech Audiometry (in Noise) data from an audiometer
Connect Tympanometer Retrieve Numeric Impedance data from a tympano/reflexmeter
Connect Rhinomanometer Retrieve Numeric Rhinomanometry data from a rhinomanometer
Connect Rhinometer Retrieve Numeric Rhinometry data from an acoustic rhinometer
Video Capture Capturing images and video output of Endoscopes, Otoscopes, Stroboscopes, etc.
Connect Asse Connect to the A§E Test Suite and automatically retrieve test results
Connect Custom Retrieve Report data from custom defined measurement software
Keywords Manage a keyword hierarchy and attribute keywords to patients
Events Manage a list of event types  and create events for patients
Notes Add rich text formatted notes to patients
Devices Manage hearing aids/implants and assign those devices to patient ears during tests
Personalization Customize Look and Feel of graphical output
Index Management Define customized result summary indices
Import & Export Import/Export Audiqueen results from/to the Audiqueen file format
Print to Word Print results to Word Documents
Print to PDF Print results to PDF Documents
Print Image Save results to images on disk or copy them to clipboard
Analysis Excel Addin Query the Audiqueen database from Excel, allowing customized Group Analysis
Database Replication Store a local, synchronized Audiqueen database to enable offline availability
Change Log Log system keeping track of which user made which changes at what time
MSI Push Updates Updates are deployed through an MSI package with unattended installation
Command Line Context integration by launching Audiqueen.exe with the patients arguments
HL7 ADT HL7 integration by receiving HL7 ADT Messages
HL7 ADT Query HL7 integration by requesting patient information through ADT Query
HL7 ORU HL7 integration sending results as an ORU message
LDAP Authentication Audiqueen authenticates/authorizes users by means of the customer’s LDAP server
PDF Dump Automated PDF report creation for storage in the customer’s HIS/EMR
Web Viewer View Audiqueen results through a web browser
Automatic Updates Audiqueen automatically downloads and installs the newest version at startup

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