Audiqueen 4.2 Manual > Test Types > Audiometry

Audiqueen provides storage and visualisation of tone audiometry results. In addition, also MCL and UCL levels, tinnitus tests, Rinne and Weber tuning fork tests can be stored. There are many configurable options, to satisfy the needs of every individual ENT clinic.

Typical Audiometry screen. Several results of different dates are superposed on the graph. These results have been selected by means of the check boxes in the list. More details are given in the small window which pops up when hovering the mouse over a threshold point. In this case, it reveals that the threshold was 70 dB HL, right ear, obtained with a pulse tone of 500 Hz through unmasked air conduction

The symbols used are in conformity with international standards ISO 8253-1:2010, but they can be replaced by your own customized symbols (see Solution Centre)