Audiqueen 4.2 Manual > Test Types > Speech Audiometry (in quiet or in noise)
Speech Audiometry (in quiet or in noise)

Audiqueen provides storage and visualisation of speech audiometry results, both in quiet and in noise. There are many configurable options, to satisfy the needs of every individual ENT clinic.

All speech audiograms together with their details are stored numerically into the database.

Typical image of the speech audiometry. The speech audiogram shows word and phoneme scores at different presentation levels (40, 55, 70, 85 dB SPL). The second horizontal axis represents the dB HL scale, with 0% at the intercept with the normal curve. Hovering with the mouse over a specific point reveals all raw details of that outcome.

The symbols used are in conformity with international standards ISO 8253-1:2010, but they can be replaced by your own customized symbols (see Solution Centre).