Optimizing hearing performance in deaf cochlear implanted individuals

The objective of this document is to outline a through description of the decision-support system (DSS) for fitting cochlear implants developed inside the Hearing Minds project. It should serve as an explanation for the design decisions taken and their justification.

Official website: https://hearingminds.wikispaces.com/


The decision-support system is integrated inside the FOX software for AB and Nucleus, in the advices “Hearing Minds for AB” and “Hearing Minds for Nucleus” respectively. There are Eargroup versions that output information of the execution of the DSS.

Integration with FOX

The execution of the DSS is handled by the ProbabilisticAdvice and is divided in two steps.

The first stage consists of the evaluation of a recent audiometry and the decision over the optimal intervention to proceed with the fitting. The second stage models the decision over which new MAP to recommend, that will lead to optimal performance.