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The Accolado is your all in one reward toy box

Paediatric audiology: it can be magic!

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA), Conditioned Orientation Reflex Audiometry (CORA)  and Instrumentation Conditioned Reflex Audiometry (ICR) are essential in testing young children from 5 months up to 7 years. Children enjoy being rewarded!

A variety of lights, moving and illuminated toys, pictures and short movies guarantees a maximum attention span. The Accolado intrigues and surprises.  It is ideal to elicit head turn reflexes in infants or to reward the toddler in play audiometry.  Different control options make it fit for any audiometric test setup.

The Accolado is a unique all-in-1 reward box combining the best of technologies. It offers a virtually unlimited number of rewards preventing the child from losing interest and stopping to respond.

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    LED Lights

    The top level features the ‘traffic lights’ with 3 bright LED lights which can be controlled together or separately.


    The middle level has a monitor which can display static or animated visual rewards on different background colors. Accolado comes with a series of built-in pictures. When presenting picture rewards, you can choose on the spot which background color to associate with a picture. Hence, the possible combinations of pictures and backgrounds are unlimited.

    Peep Shows

    The lower level consists of two ‘peep-show’ boxes which can accommodate and illuminate mechanical toys, either or not animated. Both rooms can be activated separately. Two toys are included.

    Remote control & foot switch

    The rewards can be activated either with the remote control or by means of foot switches which can be placed inside or outside the sound treated room.

    Use the remote control to select the reward of your choice. Picking the screen’s background color, launching animations and videos, activating your mechanical toys … with Accolado you have it all at the tips of your fingers. Create playlists with the most appropriate reward sequences, for instance only using traffic lights for the youngest toddlers.


    The Accolado comes with a fancy mushroom button which toddlers are very fond of. It acts as a response button, activating an indicator light in A§E when pressed.


    The 35 kg Accolado is easy to move thanks to a custom-made optional support with 4 wheels. Off support, the accolade is robust, stable and tamper-resistant.


    In addition, three sockets at the backside can activate any supplementary animated toy of your choice (AC mains powered). You can put these toys next to the Accolado or on top of it in the toy tray.