A§E Intonation

A§E (pronounced [eis] like the play card ace) is a set of psycho-acoustical tests to be used by the professional audiologist. It is conceived to test hearing impaired children and adults who are typically aided with a conventional hearing aid, cochlear implant or other device. Most tests are speech- and language independent and supraliminal (above-threshold).  It is recommended to use A§E with a conventional audiometer.  No additional equipment is required. A§E can also run with one of Audiqueen’s audio solutions, such as an amplifier and loudspeakers, the Otocube, Coala Link, SoundC or even with nothing else than a set of good quality multimedia loudspeakers.

If used with anything else than a certified audiometer, the output sound levels depend on the soundcard used. Very soft sounds may not be presented and very loud presentation levels may cause distortion.  With this configuration the audio solution does not qualify as an audiometer according to ISO standards.

The intonation tests use sounds with intonation. They aim to assess the low frequency coding with special interest for the temporal fine structure coding.

A§E intonation test results. Each column (left) represents a different test session with its own date and configuration of the hearing aids. Each test also comes with the course of the adaptive algorithm (right).

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