A§E Localization

A§E (pronounced [eis] like the play card ace) is a set of psycho-acoustical tests to be used by the professional audiologist.  It is conceived to test hearing impaired children and adults who are typically aided with a conventional hearing aid, cochlear implant or other device.  Most tests are speech- and language independent and supraliminal (above-threshold).  It is recommended to use A§E with a conventional audiometer.  No additional equipment is required. A§E can also run with one of Audiqueen’s audio solutions, such as an amplifier and loudspeakers, the Otocube, Coala Link, SoundC or even with nothing else than a set of good quality multimedia loudspeakers.

A§E contains 2 localization tests: (1) ILD localization and (2) azimuth localization.
The azimuth localization is a typical localization test with 5 or 7 loudspeakers.  This test requires the SoundC hardware (contact Otoconsult for more information).
The ILD localization test only requires 2 loudspeakers.  It assesses the localization acuity based on high frequency interaural level differences and is mainly useful to evaluate cochlear implant recipients.

A§E ILD localisation results.  The normal zone is highlighted in grey.

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